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PCLL Conversion Notes are intended to be a short and concise summary of all you need to know to ace the PCLL Conversions Examinations. Our PCLL Conversion Notes are also specifically formatted for use in exams, using a unique checklist and question format to make sure you don't miss any points.
Model Exams are for you to test your knowledge before the real exam. We provide model answers to past PCLL Conversion Examinations allowing to test your knowledge.

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We have had many satisfied students who have aced their exam using our PCLL Conversion Notes. Please see what these students have said about our notes here. You can also judge our notes for yourselves, as we have a sample preview of each and every set of notes we offer on our samples page.
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Our notes are updated every year to reflect the changing PCLL Conversion Examination curriculum. Each year is given its own specific edition and includes the latest legal updates on the subject.
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Generally speaking and save for exceptional circumstances (such as due to pandemic-related delivery disruptions), we are unable to provide access to a digital computerised copy of our notes for copyright reasons. If we do allow an electronic copy to be provided to you, you must agree to our additional terms relating to your use of those electronic copies. Please contact us for more information.
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If you are happy with the notes, we ask that you kindly introduce them to our website. We have a generous rebate program for introducing friends to our site. If your friends purchase any item from us, we will give both you and your friend a cash back refund! Please click here for more details.
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The notes will be posted by mail to you. Unfortunately, we cannot send our notes by email.

The following lists presents the average shipping time for our notes. Please note, shipping times are provided as an indication only and are not guaranteed.

The shipping time is the same regardless of where the notes are delivered.

Note that during peak periods, Normal shipping may not be available or will not arrive in time for the January or June exams (as relevant).

- Normal shipping - the shipping time will be at least 7 business days.
- Express shipping - the shipping time will be around 3-5 business days.
- Courier delivery - the shipping time will be around 1-2 business days.
We take no responsibility for delayed delivery, due to the constraints and unpredictability of international mail.

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We accept payment by:
- Credit card, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. You do not need to sign up to any account to pay by credit card.
- Bank Account (Hong Kong) by internet transter or ATM transfer for bank accounts in Hong Kong only.
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We do not store your Credit card details, as they are processed by our online payment gateway, which is a widely accepted and secure online payment facility. The highest level of security measures are adopted by our payment gateway, and you can rest assured that your credit card details will not be released to anyone.
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  1. Firstly, choose the notes you wish to buy on this page and click the Purchase button. You will be directed to your shopping cart, with the items you added.
  2. You can add more notes at any time. Simply click the Your Shopping Cart button on the right and you will be shown your shopping cart again.
  3. You can then checkout your shopping cart by clicking the Next button. After this screen, you will need to select your Shipping Method and enter your details, such as your name and address.
  4. After submitting your details to us, you will be able to select your method of payment. We currently accept payment by Credit card and Bank Account (Hong Kong). For more information on payment methods, please see the payment question above.
  5. If you select to pay by Credit card, please click the Credit Card button. You need not sign up to any account.
  6. If you select to pay by Bank Account (Hong Kong), please click the Bank Transfer button. You will then be provided with our bank account details.
  7. After making payment, you're done! Your notes will be on their way! You will be given a Customer Reference Number, which you can note down for your own records.

If you are still having problems with our website, contact us and we'll happily help you out.
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Please contact us and we will happily answer them for you.